Michael Dustman


The perfect choice of entertainment for your next event, Michael Dustman will bring you a fast paced show full of laughter, magic and audience participation along with mirth and merriment. Michael has been entertaining audiences with a unique blend of magic and comedy since 1987.   Michael, who started toying with magic as a hobby at the age of 8, cut his teeth in front of live audiences by performing yearly for his mother's school, and father's Rotary Club.

In 1993, Michael was asked to develop a publicity event to draw audiences to a Northeast Ohio Arts Festival.  A week before the show, Michael made a prediction of the headlines that would appear on the front page of two local newspapers the day of the show.  The predictions were notarized and signed by the reporters, and then sealed in an envelope.  The envelopes were entrusted to the care of the respective newspapers for the entire week and were then opened by the reporters the day of the show.  The headlines matched and the event was a success.

In 1996, Balletmet of Columbus retained Michael’s services for shooting a television commercial for their ever-popular holiday production of The Nutcracker.  The marketing department for Balletmet wanted to create a commercial that would appeal to both children and adults by showing the joy of attending The Nutcracker.  Michael was asked to perform his children’s magic show on the stage of the Ohio Theater while producers spent the entire time filming the reactions and facial expressions of the youngsters in attendance.  This footage was later included along with footage from The Nutcracker to show the wonder and amazement children would have by seeing this show.

Michael was the resident magic bartender at the Saxon Club in Youngstown, Ohio for three years, where he honed his skills of intimate close-up magic, delighting patrons nightly.  Michael has gone on to perform his unique close-up magic in restaurants from Northeast to Central Ohio.  Numerous clients at cocktail parties have also requested this form of entertainment.  Michael's sleight of hand antics and jovial banter are proper and well received by all age groups.  Spectators are amazed at watching Michael turn a $100 bill into a $1 bill, inches away from their eyes, or by witnessing him manipulating coins in their own hands. In 2001, Michael was honored to be asked by both U.S. Senators from Ohio to perform his "mind blowing" close-up magic at the Ohio Republican Party Inaugural party in Washington, D.C.

Michael has served as a magic consultant for various community theater and local production companies as well as working closely with Master Illusionist Steven Kline as a creative consultant and on-stage performer.

In addition to taking his show around the United States performing for both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, Michael has found great personal joy in lending his talents to the A Kid Again organization and the yearly event Miracles and Magic, created by friend and fellow performer Jon Petz.

When not performing, Michael serves as the Director of Constituent Affairs for the U.S. Senator from the State of Ohio.  He resides at home in Grove City, Ohio with his wife Laura, a dance instructor, son Noah, daughter Brooklyn, and his dog Merlin, an American Eskimo who has become an accomplished escape artist.