Michael Dustman

Money To Burn: Michael's Most Requested Routine This is the trick that has people asking Michael to come back time and time again. A large denomination bill is borrowed from an audience member, signed and then vanished. You will never believe the impossible location where the bill reappears. Due to the popular demand of this trick, Michael has devised many impossible locations for the bill to travel to. Watch closely, you may never see the same routine twice.

A Familiar Ring
Watch as Michael borrows the most valuable ring he can find and “polishes” it off into an unbelievable location.

Life Imitates Art
A hilarious routine where Michael attempts to mentally determine and draw randomly selected animals from a box of animal crackers. But you won’t believe it when the drawings magically come to life.

Running The Numbers
In reminiscing on his days of growing up in a community known for its mob connections and numbers running, Michael takes the audience on a ride on how he learn to count money….and why his previous occupation at a bank teller didn’t last more than a few months.

Fantasy Date
Michael selects a number of randomly selected ladies from the audience to share their ideas of an ideal date. Hard to believe that he ends up being that “perfect date” after disclosing he had previously recorded the fantasy date days before.

Vegas Vacation:
Come along as Michael takes the audience on an imaginary trip to Las Vegas. Vegas Vacation is an astonishing series of revelations where Michael predicts what casino will be their destination, as well as the amount of money won, and the winning hand of Blackjack or winning Keno numbers that are randomly selected by members of the audience. Lady Luck may also reveal the room number of the High Rollers room.

"Pick a Card...No, You Pick a Card:"
A hilarious routine where the tables are turned as a spectator plays the part of the magician, and Michael plays the part of the spectator. Follow along as an audience member instructs Michael how to select a card, sign it and lose it in a deck of cards. You will be amazed at where the spectator finds Michael's card.

A Vicious Circle:
Keep a safe distance as Michael attempts to recreate a classic of magic that not even the Masked Magician would have the guts to expose. This is Michael's twist of the classic linking rings effect utilizing rings of barbed wire.

Hilarity ensues as Michael attempts to exhibit his new found powers of Extra Sensory Something or Rather. Be careful what you think, Michael knows what is on your mind.